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Rural Housing


AuHFL also offers home loans in rural areas for

  • Construction of Houses on plot owned by you
  • Extension of existing house
  • Renovation and improvement of your house
  • Purchase of a new house
For Agriculturists

If you are a farmer/ planter/ horticulturist/dairy farmer, etc. having your own land and looking to have your own home, get in touch with us.

  • Specially Designed Housing Loans for agriculturists
  • Loan eligibility on the basis of land owned by you and the crops being cultivated
  • Housing Loan in residential area of your own village
  • Loans for buying house or flat in city of your choice

...and many more.

For Salaried & Self Employed

Everyone wants a place to call home, and then what better place than your village or town to own one.

  • Housing Loans for homes in rural areas for Salaried persons
  • Housing Loans for homes in rural areas for Self Employed Businessmen or Self Employed Professional